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My background leans to the more technical side of fashion--the unglamourous side that no one hears or knows much about. My bachelor's is in Textiles, rooted in fiber science and textile production (I'm huge on hand-feel!), and my master's is in fashion design, focused on all things dealing with the conceptualization and execution of an apparel line. Throughout my years of schooling, I was fortunate enough to serve Tracy Reese's design team, study fashion abroad in Italy, support Spanx's merchandising team as an intern, complete pattern work for luxury menswear brand, Sid Mashburn (custom men's shirting--fun!), and win a few design awards along the way. All along while working about 5 years total in retail apparel stores. My experience has led me to an amazing opportunity as a Technical Designer for Athleta, managing the following categories throughout my time there: Woven Tops, Dresses, Performance Knit Tops, & Outerwear, here in San Francisco. Hashtag dream job!

If I wasn't a designer, I'd totally be a retail brand analyst. In my free time, I love to "window shop," which by my own definition means observing the visual merchandising, promotion, branding and service aspects of companies that make some of my favorite products. I love learning from and being inspired by some of the iconic American brands, as well as from those emerging. I also find the vacillating of consumer interest in response to retailers' marketing/promotion strategy fascinating and frequently read articles related. 

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